Overview of Our Main Business Courses

Farm Management

Food Africa Farm Management is majorly focused on land owners who do not farm themselves either because of their 9am- otherreasons; hence we help them achieve their goals and objectives. Read More

Soil analysis

Soil analysis involves closely examining a sample of soil to determine how fertile it is. This is done by checking the composition of the soil i.e. how much nutrient it contains and also how contaminated the soils. Read more

Irrigation services

Irrigation is a method of bringing water to areas that have too little or no rainfall at all. Irrigation is important in order to satisfy the ever growing demand for food thanks to the increasing population.

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Food Africat akes into consideration the kind of markets that we trade in, hence we offer specific trainings to farmers in order to make ensure that their produce Read More

Farm Needs Supply

Food Africa aims at being suppliers of the best inventory parts and equipment, fertilizers and agrochemicals to retailers and any other applicators with the support of knowledgeable and friendly staff who deliver the goods with world class accuracy and speed. Read More

Greenhouse Services

Food Africa also specializes in greenhouse construction as per your needs. We construct our structures based on your size and space requirements; also factoring in the type of crops and climate of your area. Read More

Fishpond & Dam services

Fish Farming is slowly gaining popularity in Kenya and Africa as a whole,but not the common fish farming in the lake regions.People are now seting up fish ponds in their premises,and practicing fish farming.

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