Social Responsibility

We at Foods Africa consider ourselves as responsible members of our community and therefore endeavor to practice ethical behavior in all our undertakings. Further to this, as members of our community, we find that we have a role to play in the betterment of our people. Consequently, we have adopted the Oxfam Spirit of Corporate Accountability and taken a proactive stance in the following areas:

  • Commitment to adherence and protection of United Nations recognized global human rights.
  • Ensuring that the rights and interests of farmers and other workers involved in production are protected.
  • Protection of the rights of women workers.
  • Careful use and management of natural resources such as land and water.
  • Working to prevent climate change through planting trees and other environmentally conscious initiatives.
  • Ensuring that there is honesty, transparency and ethical practice in the supply chain to guarantee the farmer gets fair compensation.
  • Living up to the high standards we set, i.e. We Walk the Talk!

We have further been involved in a number of environmental conservation programs that directly concern farmers at the grass root level to formulate initiatives that are beneficial to the farmer and the environment as a whole.