Farm Services

Farm Management
Food Africa Farm Management is majorly focused on land owners who do not farm themselves either because of their 9am - to 5pm other reasons; hence we help them achieve their goals and objectives. From a personal and professional hands-on business approach we handle all details involved with land ownership. We keenly insist on soil stewardship, production, marketing, accounting and communications.

Your personal goals and investment objectives for your farm always form platform for the management decisions. The client will receive well tabulated accurate accounting of everything, well-coordinated and consistent on the farm supervision to assure you that your best interests are well represented.
Management services we offer include:

  1. Constant client briefing with timely written reports, phone calls, personal farm visits and owner farm tours.
  2. Ensuring that lease terms are constantly updated to stay current with market trends, hence avoiding any inconveniences’.
  3. Frequent farm visits to the farm to ensure proper management of client investment.
  4. Handling all legal paper work, on behalf of the client.
  5. Marketing setting to ensure the proper crop is planted in the correct season and in a timely fashion.
  6. We do profit and financial analysis with properly updated budget and cash flow projections.
  7. Emphasis is placed on marketing of your crops and your livestock    k.
  8. Supervision of any new capital improvements projects approved by the landowner.
  9. Soil stewardship by recommending all the right practices that will lead to soil conservation tillage and practices.
  10. Every end of the year, an easy-to-read personalized report is given to each client, and if the farm has multiple owners, each of the owners receive copies. Necessary financial information to simplify your budgets, cash flows and even your tax work.
  11. Extra items that you will find in this report are:
      • Year-end inventory records.
      • Yield and production records
      • A budget for the coming year.
      • Crop and livestock inventory records.
      • Necessary financial information to simplify your budgets, cash flows and even your tax work

Highlighted key Areas
Food Africa farm management is very keen when it comes to supervision of anything that relates to the client’s farm operation. We do supervise the following things:-

  • Leasing the land.
  • Planning on the crop rotation.
  • Purchasing supplies.
  • Marketing the crops and livestock.
  • Supervising land improvements and building repairs.

Client Farm Checking account
With the fast changing technological world, Food Africa Enterprises Ltd had not been left behind; we bring technology with us to the farm. When it comes to monetary transactions, we always ensure that each individual client has an account at any local bank that is well maintained, and all income and expense items are approved by the manager and transacted through this account.

Any excess funds are transferred to the client in the cause of the year and statements of accounts are emailed periodically to them. A summary showing all transactions is included in the end year Annual report.

Maximize Farm Profits
Food Africa Enterprises LTD, strives on excellence, and as our motto goes “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”, we always work towards ensuring we get good quality yield but at the same time, maximizing profits. We work to maximize fully our client’s income while maintaining or improving the land and buildings. Our main aim is to help our clients have a better understanding of their farming operation and their investment. Clients feel comfortable with their landownership. Our management provides for smooth transition from one generation to the next.

Other services
Being professional farm managers, we do have the latest information on good prime plots all over the country, so we do offer real estate sales and acquisition services as well as real estate appraisal services.

Additional information
Food Africa Enterprises has excellent relationships with major companies be it Greenhouse Uv paper, seed, fertilizer and agrochemical companies, and we get to receive the latest information and new technologies that we find very valuable and we share with our clients to better their farms in one way or another.
Staying up with technology changes is time consuming, but a most rewarding task. Nothing pleases our managers more than being able to evaluate and implement appropriate technology changes to increase the client's and farm operator's yields and ultimately their returns through disciplined marketing.

Farm Support Services
Farm support services are services designed to ensure that your enterprise is going according to plan. As any successful farmer would attest, implementing the right strategy at the right moment is critical to achieving success in this industry. We therefore help you to plan your planting, weeding, spraying and harvesting to maximize your yields and return on investment. Throughout the entire season too, we are available on call to attend to any immediate concerns through our expert knowledge that is continuously updated through research in worldwide best practices.

Farm Follow Ups
Just as is with our comprehensive farm support services, we at Foods Africa Enterprises Ltd. Aim to ensure that you are up to date with the latest knowledge on farming practices. Our Farm Follow ups program revolves around agronomists keeping in touch with you as the farmer on the ground to make sure everything running according to plan and that you maximize your harvests to recoup upon your investments.
Farm Security
Securing your investment is another critical component of farming practice. Farmers are encouraged secure their enterprises so as to avoid losses through theft, vandalism, animal destructions, disease and other disasters. In such regard, farmers are encouraged to put up fences and barriers that will prevent intruders from coming into their farms and destroying their hard work. Here, farmers often put up fences such as barbed wire, chain links, electric fences and stone walls depending on the severity of the security problem. Further to this, employing security guards and other modern technologies such as CCTV surveillance may further deter potential criminals from damaging your work.

Farm Layout
Planning one’s farm is also quite important in maximizing the benefits one can accrue from their farm. Farm layout is the physical arrangement of planting on your piece of land. This aspect of planning is dependent on various factors such as the size of your land, availability of water, the type of climate and soils in your area and so on. This involves a lot of structuring such that you balance your crops in accordance with their requirements and consumption patterns in order to maximize the land use as well as the profits one can reap of their investments. The key advantage in this regard is the ability to maximize the potential of your investment and as well improve on efficiencies in subsequent seasons.

Farm Surveys
The term surveying in farming, can carry multiple meanings; however, they all connote some form of planning and measurement. Farm surveys on the one hand can be activities done to locate and/or determine existing boundaries on a plot of land. On the other, surveying can be activities done to determine planning for your crops. In this case, an examination of soils, infrastructure (farm houses and stores) and the surroundings are undertaken to establish a seasonal plan. This component of planning is also important because it looks at your farm from a broader perspective where you see the environment around and plan for your farming process. Some of the outcomes here then will be establishing accessibility to water, electricity, farm inputs and labor. You may also seek to find out your farm logistics (transport to and from the farm) and the timing of your farming season. Consequently Food Africa Enterprises Ltd. engages you and your farm in effective surveying in order to make sure we plan to succeed and make your enterprise worth your while.

Animal Husbandry
Animal husbandry can be thought to be the management of livestock in a profit seeking venture. Just like crop farming, these significant amounts of planning in order to get it right. Here then activities such as identifying the best breeds of animals for a particular region, establishing animal healthcare and production and various value addition services are practiced under this category. Food Africa Ent. Ltd. helps you with all your animal husbandry activity to identify the most advantageous genetic traits, qualities and behaviors of the different breeds that will result in maximization of your profits.

Crop Husbandry
Just like with animals, careful planning and tending to one’s crops will always prove to be a valuable activity in ensuring success of a farming enterprise. Crop husbandry then can be said to be the activities done between planning, tending, harvesting and storage leading to the sales of a crop undertaken by the farmer. With our vast experience and highly trained professionals, we at Food Africa will help you with your husbandry activity to ensure you maximize your farm output. Here, we help you identify which are the best crops for your farm, the best fertilizers most suitable for the soils (organic and inorganic), and as well the most effective husbandry techniques at each stage of the season