Greenhouse Services

Food Africa also specializes in greenhouse construction as per your needs. We construct our structures based on your size and space requirements; also factoring in the type of crops and climate of your area. Our experts construct using modern engineering designs using either wood or metals for roofing and walls. Further to this, Food Africa remains with you all the way throughout the construction period to ensure that everything goes according to plan and meets your needs. We also conduct regular repair and adjustments when necessary to ensure you reap fully from your investment.

We also provide agricultural support through both technical information and farm support; supplying your with farm inputs from seeds, farm equipment and agrochemicals for spraying your crops regularly. Also, through our vast years of experience we remain with your offering technical and information advice in case of any challenges that will arise during the course of the enterprise.

We also do sell at retail the different greenhouse UV polythene paper, and our papers are of high quality as they are imported and are 200UV micron

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